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“One of things that was good was that you didn’t sit around and discuss your problems, you sat around and discussed music and made music. I don’t think I would have liked it as much if we’d sat around and talked about why we were there. We were there and that was enough.” Tim – Aardvark Alumni



The Aardvark Sessions 2019: Flipside

Aardvarkians: (Tracks 1-4) Sijan, Nadine, Jessica, Nash, Emanuela, Bradley, Morgan, Mel, Ignacio . (Tracks 5-8) Alex, Kayden, Theo, Aria, Taz/Tim, Hayley, Ethan, Tyson, Tameika, Kieran, Morgan.

The Aardcark Sessions 2018: Press Start

Aardvarkians: (Tracks 1-4) (Tracks 5-8)


The Aardvark Sessions 2017: Outlines

Aardvarkians: (Tracks 1-4) Colbey, Jacob, Kirstin, Lapis and Angus. (Tracks 5-8) Eddie, Ilyana, Tarni, Rohan, Nathan, Morgan and Lapis

The Aardvark Sessions 2016: Tangents

Aardvarkians: (Tracks 1-4) Eva, E-speed, Joshua, Juls and Lucas. (Tracks 5-8) Alex, Carlos, CJ, Elly, Igrod, Jess M, Jordan, Morgan, Nikki and Phoenix.

The Aardvark Sessions 2014: Dream Place

Aardvarkians: Timothy B, Madalyn, Mickayla, Jade, Saia, Kaitlyn, & Bek

The Aardvark Sessions 2013: Kaleidoscope

Aardvarkians: Tilly, Bridget, Shannon C, Miriam, Laurie, Ben, Bonnie, Rylee, Kelly, James, Fern & Bella

The Aardvark Sessions 2011: Connected Lines

Aardvarkians: Jack, Tim W, Jess, Chloe, Tye, Timmy L, Scarlett, Britt, Stacey & Anita

The Aardvark Sessions 2009: Aardvarks on the Run

Aardvarkians: Shannon B, Vincent, Louise, Lauren, Linda, Luke & Johnny

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