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Music Industry

  • Many performing artists make an invaluable contribution to Aardvark by running workshops and master classes with Aardvarkians in their areas of expertise. This allows the young people to build their music skills and learn from the lived experience of professional musicians working in the music industry.

    If you are a performing musician and would like to volunteer with Aardvark as a visiting artist, please get in touch with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., we would love to have you involved.

    We appreciate the dedication of the following artists that have chosen to contribute their time and share their knowledge with participants.
    • Gotye
    • Missy Higgins
    • Monique Brumby
    • Stonefield
    • Liz Stringer
    • Ecca Vandal
    • Scott Edgar
    • Ben Abraham
    • Spiderbait
    • Imogen Heap
    • David Norris
    • Paul Dempsey
    • The Living End
    • Missy Higgins
    • Cameron Tapp
    • Wayne P Sheehy
    • David Bridie
    • Sol Nation
    • Tanya Cavanagh
    • Rebecca Barnard
    • Tully Sumner
    • May Johnston
  • Aardvark has excellent support from a variety of music industry organisations that enable us to work with participants to compose, play, record and perform our music.

    30 Mill Studio

    Thiry Mill Studios

    Thirty Mill Studios is a state of the art recording facility offering some of the finest digital and analog equipment, all built inside a beautiful and creative environment. Colin Wynne has worked in the studio scene for well over a decade, where his mixing, recording and producing skills have led him to work with artists such as Grammy Award winning Mamadou Diabate, and local ARIA award winners Monique Brumby, Matt Walker, Jeff Lang…. and the list goes on. Colin’s recorded work has appeared on albums alongside work by Mitchell Froom and Mark Opitz. Colin has been an avid supporter of Aardvark since day one. In fact he helped inspire the program itself and devoted many hours to support Aardvark’s initial pilot projects. Colin is a wonderful mentor and support to the Aardvark participants each year and goes above and beyond in his commitment to the program. Thirty Mill Studios are a major part of Aardvark’s evolution and without them we would not be what we are today.

    Milo and Co. graphic design

    Milo and co logo

    Milo&Co. is a Melbourne based design and brand agency, with collective experience from some of the world’s best brand consultancies. Milo&Co thrive on getting under the skin of some of Australia’s most well-known brands, their strategy, identity, voice and how they go to market. Milo&Co produce wonderful work for Aardvark each year on a pro-bono basis. The team have designed Aardvark’s logo and all our CD Artwork where they thoughtfully and creatively work together with the participants to bring their ideas to life. Milo&Co are a huge asset to Aardvark’s community and we would like to thank them for their ongoing support and incredible work.

    Beam Creative

    beam logo email

    Beam Creative is a fully integrated brand development and marketing agency, based in Kensington. Beam provide full stack agency services of design, websites, social & digital marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing, media, as well brand development and strategies to market brands. See our site Craig Edwards from Beam Creative has volunteered many hours to create our wonderful new website. We can't thank him enough for his support, dedication and talent.

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