Music Alumni

Aardvark Music Alumni (also known as Aardvarkians), are a family that continue to create music together and support one and other long after their individual Aardvark Sessions are over. Aardvark Music is constantly building it’s pathways program to give Aardvarkians lots of ways to get experience and employment either within Aardvark Music, in the music industry or whatever area they are interested in.

Alumni get to learn about things like running events, recording, lighting and tech, co-facilitating, mentoring, performing, music therapy, music industry knowledge and how a not for profit organisation works.

Meet the Crew




Aardvark Music
Youth Mentors

Once you’ve been through the Aardvark sessions you can put your hand up to train as a mentor for the next crew coming in. Two youth mentors volunteer at each round of Aardvark Sessions. Mentors help new crews feel settled and with song-writing and are great for the newbies to have around as they know how it all works.

Youth mentors can also work with the Aardvark Music staff to give input and assist in how the organisation functions which is great experience. Mentors can also train to co-facilitate in Aardvark’s team building programs, which means you get paid to teach others what you’ve learnt about how incredible group songwriting can be!

Music Volunteers

Volunteers assist Aardvark Music by supporting the young people, the program and the organisation as a whole. Volunteers can help with event management, recording, admin, program support and in many other ways. Many volunteers have come from the Aardvark Alumni once they transition from the program after 24 years of age.

Aardvark Music is fortunate to have a wonderful team of passionate and committed volunteers who give so much of their time and talent to help us thrive.

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Meet Some Volunteers



Vincent Chun – Long Term Volunteer

What is your day job?

Currently studying a Bachelor of Business whilst working on my own startup business idea aimed at better personalising education and learning to meet the needs of the individual. I’m really passionate about helping people establish their own identity and find their place in the world.

Why did you become an Aardvark volunteer?
As a former early participant in the Aardvark Sessions program in 2009, and having seen others come through the program in subsequent years and how it benefits them, I’m deeply appreciative of how valuable such programs can be for participants. I stuck around as a mentor after that year, and when Aardvark needed support in managing their website, I had the opportunity to volunteer my own experience in website development to assist. In short: they couldn’t get rid of me!

What was your first concert/gig?
Oh, I remember this fondly, and still have the T-shirt. The year was 2006, mid-to-late August (I think the 21st), at the former Palace (St Kilda). I was there to see my long-time favourite band, The Living End – as a young guitarist, I was in awe Chris Cheney’s guitar playing (and still am). And yes, I had a bit of a rebellious punk streak too.

What are your top 5 artists/bands? Other than The Living End (given above, goes without saying): Iron Maiden, Tommy Emmanuel, Led Zeppelin, Sara Barielles, Queen… Bit of a mixed bag, really – and it varies from time to time.
What is your favourite instrument? Guitar! But I also enjoy keys.

What is your favourite place to visit? I don’t think I have one, actually. Maybe I need to get out more!

Davyd Norris – Long Term Volunteer

What is your day job?
I am an IT consultant

Why did you become an Aardvark volunteer?
One of my best friends was the co-founder of Aardvark and I play bass in her band. One day at rehearsal she very casually placed the first Aardvark Sessions CD (“Aardvarks on the Run”) on my amplifier and I asked her about it. Next thing I knew I was the official Aardvark “fruit slave”!!

What was your first concert/gig?
My first big concert was the 3XY/EON FM “Thank God it’s Over” concert at Sidney Myer Music Bowl in 1981 or 1982 – at that concert The Angels and Cold Chisel were headlining and INXS had just released their first record!

My first gig playing in a band was in 1983. The band was called Contrast and we played at a friend’s 18th birthday party. We each got $10!

What are your top 5 artists/bands? Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Lamb, Jacques Loussier Trio, The Meters
What is your favourite instrument? I was originally a jazz trained guitarist, and have also been trained in organ (classical and jazz/funk), but I think I’ve found my ‘spirit instrument’ in the bass

What is your favourite place to visit? A museum (place), or Sri Lanka (country)